How To Make Your Food Lab Labeling More Efficient

Food Lab Labeling is a complicated process that uses thousands of labels a month. If you could streamline your process, using your current printers and your LIMS, would you do it? Of course, you would!

It is no secret that color-coding in lab testing helps tremendously with organization, inventory, and efficiency. So, what is the best way to provide color-coded labels using the printers you already have? We have a great solution!

Which is easier to use and read?

BEFORE: Your typical product label application, white label with black print.

NOW: A label with ONLY the colors you need for that category or indication. These are much easier to quickly identify:
















If your lab is using a LIMS (laboratory information management system) like WinLims or ThermoFisher, we have a product that will increase efficiencies and workflow in your lab. The solution is a product call RevealPrint!

We solved a Food Lab Labeling Issue Recently

Problem: I had a company call me recently with a problem they were having in their lab.  They were using white direct thermal labels and asked if they could incorporate color in their labels. They knew that doing this would eliminate errors and greatly speed up their overall process.  There are six different tests that happen in their process.  They wanted a way to incorporate color to make the process more efficient.   The one catch was that they wanted to use their existing labeling process with their current LIMS software and Zebra printers.

Solution: I told them about a new product called RevealPrint, which is a direct thermal label that can be designed with predefined color zones.  When the printer prints in that zone, it turns that text or graphic to a specified color.  They loved the concept.

We could have pre-printed the color zones onto the label and then printed the data in the color zone for that particular label. However, if each label contained all of the colors it would make it difficult to differentiate between the different tests.

By using Revealprint, the color zones remain white until they are energized, and only the colors designated show up.

The entire idea behind Revealprint is to be able to differentiate between samples or products.  The RevealPrint label solution will work with every LIMS software package available on the market today.

RevealPrint not only works in a lab environment, but it also works great on the manufacturing floor or in a warehouse application.  If you would like to get more out of your current labels, send us an email or give us a call at 888.972.5234, we are here to help.


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