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We supply Flexible Packaging Ribbons For All TTO Printers! Are you tired of the high MOQ's (minimum order quantities) forced on you by other brands? We understand and are here to help.

With over 35 years in the label business, we have the expertise and experience to solve any TTO printer ribbon issue. We would love to discuss your ribbon problem; in fact, we thrive on it. Give us a call at 888.972.5234, text, or Email.

Flexible Packaging RibbonsThere are two types of flexible packaging ribbons that cover over 95% of the applications in the world today. These include:


    • Wax/Resin: Used with polypro flexible films like a potato chip or coffee bags


    • Resin: Used on hard to image films or where abrasion resistance and chemical resistance is required


    • Available in multiple colors


Each ribbon is designed to work with a specific class of packaging film materials. There is a marriage between the film material and ribbon, meaning it is crucial to choose the right printer ribbon for the application you require. If not, then your packaging film could underperform, or you could overpay for what you need.

We work with the leading industry thermal transfer TTO ribbon experts to provide a solution for any packaging application. I am looking forward to working with you and solving your flexible ribbon printing challenges.


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