Epson Colorworks Inkjet Label Printers: How They Help Your Business Succeed

Epson Colorworks Inkjet

Want to improve your company’s image?

Looking for a way to improve your company’s image with your current product labels? With the right tools, any business can maximize efficiency while ensuring accuracy in its operations. One such tool is an inkjet color label printer. Specifically, an Epson Colorworks inkjet label printer can help your business reach its full potential. These printers are so versatile and give you the flexibility to have on-demand color at the flick of a switch. Let’s look at how it works and why you should consider investing in one.

How the Epson Works

The Epson color label printer uses a special printhead technology to print on a wide variety of materials including paper, plastic, foil, cardstock, and more. The inside of the printer contains a thermal head that heats the ink to print text, graphics, and bar codes in color. This heat causes the material to absorb the pigment ink from the cartridge, resulting in a sharp and accurate print that won’t smudge or fade with time. This makes them ideal for printing product labels or shipping packages as they will stay legible for years to come.

Epson C4000

Talking From Experience

At PaladinId, we were mainly selling thermal transfer printers from Zebra over the past 20 years. Having seen the Epson label printers in action, we are very impressed with the throughput, and ease of use and blown away by the color and quality of the print. Once people see what these printers can do, they figure out a way to integrate them into their production. You will be amazed at what these inkjet printers can do. We would be happy to send you label samples, or better yet, if you send us a PDF of your existing label, we can print you a sample of your exact label. How cool is that! Find out how the power of color can impact your business.

ZPL Emulation on board

Some of my customers have said that they do not want to change printer technologies because all of the labels are formatted for a different printer. The Epson Colorworks Industrial label printers come with Zebra’s ZPL emulation, which means it is plug-and-play and will print your existing label formats. This is a game-changer. The only thing you will have to do is to insert a color command where you would like color in your existing labels. Easy peasy. The Epson technical support team is very helpful in walking you through this process. See for yourself, the power of color.

Industrial vs Desktop Inkjet Color Label Printer

There are two categories of Epson label printers available – industrial and desktop models. Industrial models are larger machines that are typically used in a setting where there is a large number of labels to be printed. These industrial label printers are designed to work up to 18 hours a day.

The Epson C6000 and C7500 series label printers

  • Medical device manufacturer
  • Auto parts distributor
  • Cannabis growers
  • Print width up to 8 inches

Desktop models are smaller machines that are perfect for home offices or small businesses with limited space but still need high-quality prints quickly and efficiently.

The Epson C4000 series label printer

  • Boutique companies like candle, jewelry, and gourmet food manufacturers
  • Restaurants
  • Gift shops
  • Print width up to 4 inches

Benefits of Investing in an Epson Colorworks Inkjet Label Printer

Epson color label printers offer businesses several advantages over traditional label printing methods such as hand-written labels or pre-printed labels bought from retail stores. For one thing, they allow you to customize your labels however you wish – you can choose from a wide selection of fonts, sizes, colors, images, etc. You can also easily update information on existing labels without having to reprint them every time something changes (such as expiration dates).

Additionally, these printers save time by printing multiple copies at once instead of manually writing out each one individually thus saving you time and money in the long run!

Finally, since these printers use a high-resolution printhead unlike your traditional thermal transfer label printer, they provide higher quality prints that won’t smudge or fade over time – perfect for labels that need to last!

Inkjet Labels


Epson inkjet label printers offer businesses numerous benefits including fast production times and high-quality prints that won’t smudge or fade over time due to their fade-resistant inks. Additionally, they allow users to customize their labels however they wish which can help them stand out from competitors – not to mention save them time and money by avoiding having to throw away pre-printed labels every so often! All in all, investing in an Epson label printer is sure to help your business succeed!

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