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Are You Providing Easy Return Labels?

Do you provide easy return labels for your e-commerce business? This could make or break the customer experience and either help or hurt your business.

Online shopping has reached an all time record breaking high with no signs of slowing down.  The shifting trend from shopping at brick-and-mortal retail stores to online e-commerce sites means a demand for a smooth online shopping experience.

Consumers and online shoppers want the easiest return and exchange solution possible.

Is your e-commerce business delivering on this demand?

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Providing Easy Return Labels for Your Customers

If a customer has difficulty returning a product because there is not label, they can’t find it, or have to print their own, they will stop shopping with you.

The process should be efficient, accurate, and fast. For you and for your customers.

The Solution for Easy Return Labels: Integrated Labels

Integrated Labels Provide Easy Returns and Exchanges.  Integrated labels have multiple uses and provide more than one item on the same sheet. This saves space, while also reducing shipping errors and making it easier to ship items. These labels can also provide a return shipping label with a packing slip. so the customer can easily make a return or exchange.

An integrated form is a paper business form combined with a pressure sensitive label.  The label can be any size and the form can include multiple labels.  For example, packing slips and shipping labels can be incorporated on one form.  Similarly, a product label and other product information can be printed on one integrated form.

There is no need for a multiple-step printing process. Two or more separate functions are combined to streamline operations.

In addition, these labels can also feature a return shipping label Stock Integrated Label Formswith a packing slip, so the consumer can easily make a return or exchange.

Examples of Stock Integrated Label Forms include:

  • Picking/packing lists
  • Return merchandise labels
  • Product registration information
  • Warehouse/inventory tracking
  • Return address labels
  • UPC price labels
  • Specimen labeling and tracking

We offer a variety of stock integrated forms.  These forms satisfy 90% of the business form market. If our generic options are not quite what you need, we can provide custom options as well.

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Easy Return Labels: The Wrap Up

If you are in unique position to add or increase e-commerce to your business, we would love to partner with you to create the perfect labeling solution. Let’s look at what equipment, labeling products, and processes you already have in place and grow from there. The right solution should save you time and money while increasing your online sales.

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