Data Collection Systems

It’s one thing to add a scanner to your existing data collection systems, but it’s another thing entirely to know which scanner will work best – from an efficiency standpoint, to meet your budget needs, and support your business goals.

Having the right option to choose from isn’t a problem with PaladinID. We stock scanners from all of the major producers, including Datalogic, Motorola, Opticon, and Hand Held Products.

You can get whatever you want from us. But when you work with us, you also get what you need.

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Look Here For A Real World Barcode Scanner Solution From PaladinID.

Problem: A manufacturer of laser scanning devices, needed to scan a printed circuit board marked with a small, very high density barcode during the quality testing process.  The print quality of the barcodes was marginal and the company was using an inexpensive scanner that worked inconsistently.  When the barcodes could not be scanned, the part numbers were manually input resulting in significant delays in the manufacturing process.

Solution: PaladinID analyzed the company’s barcodes to identify and address print quality issues. In addition, PaladinID provided Datalogic Powerscan imaging scanners with USB connectors to cable the scanners to the quality test beds.  As a result, the company eliminated the need for manual input of data and improved their manufacturing throughput by 30%.