Combining Color Images

Combining Color Images To ZPL Using An Epson Colorworks Printer

Over the past three months, I have fielded several calls from companies that want to migrate their labels from a Zebra to an Epson color printer.  Most of the people I have talked with could use the feature to store images in the printer and then call them out to insert them into their formats.  That is the easiest way to print images using the current ZPL string.  When you have multiple printers across a network utilizing many images, this gets tricky to manage.

Problem: We had a systems integrator approach us and they wanted to be able to embed and colored images into the data stream of their ZPL.  The reason for this request is that their customer had multiple images across a very large network and if for any reason, one printer moved from one area to another they would have to download the correct images at each printer station.  This would be a nightmare to manage.

Solution:  I contacted Dennis Moore at Epson America and engaged him for a solution.  After several meetings and conference calls, Epson figured out a way to accomplish what my customer needed to do.  They even produced a white paper on Combining Color Images To The ZPL Data Stream.  How cool was that!  They even provided me with a sample print ZPL file to test.  Is available upon request.  The customer was thrilled that a solution was provided.

If you have a labeling challenge moving from a Zebra to an Epson color label printer, please email give us a call.  We look forward to working with you. Please send me an email or give us a call at 888.972.5234.  We look forward to helping you solve your labeling challenges.


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