Color Inkjet Label Printer Solution

Color Inkjet Label Printer Solution

Color Inkjet Label Printer Solution vs. Thermal Transfer Printing

Inkjet Bakery Labels From PaladinID

Problem:  I have a customer who has a retail baking operation. They have one central commissary and then deliver their products to a potential 20 different locations around the Boston area. Each store receives their entire product line. They wanted one printing system that could identify the product and then with a color, designate each store. This needed to be an off the shelf solution since they did not have any software people on hand for custom programming.

The customers first thought was to install a thermal transfer printer, which only prints in one color and use a different color label for each store. This idea turned into an inventory nightmare with keeping track of and ordering twenty different part numbers (colors), let alone all the space that would consume.

Solution:  We presented a Primera LX 900 color inkjet label printer along with BarTender for Windows. The inkjet printer would take blank label stock and print all of the information on each label along with a color for each store. The operator had three questions to answer, part number, store number and number of labels. The software was setup to read from an excel database and the color was accomplished by using the layer feature in BarTender, (more on that later). This was very easy to setup and implement without the use of a programmer. Seagull’s technical support team was very helpful. With one label to keep track of and the ability to print any product information and color, the customer is thrilled with this solution. To see how your company could benefit from being able to print on-demand color, please give us a call.

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