RevealPro High-Heat, Direct Thermal Label Solution!

RevealPro High-Heat

We have a new product called RevealPro High-Heat. Does your application call for a direct thermal label that can withstand the elements in your business? If the answer is yes, you should be talking with us! If you have used Zebra’s Thermalock and are really missing it since it was discontinued – you should be…

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Advantages of Digital Label Printing

Digital Label Printing

Digital label printing has revolutionized the label business by providing options for short and medium print runs, variable printing on various types of paper stock that allow you to produce high-quality graphics or text with ease. What is Digital Printing? When a computer draws an image, it converts this into a series of dots on…

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The Right Labels for a Cannabis Business

Labels for a Cannabis Business

Do you need the right labels for your cannabis business? You want to stand out and compete with the constantly growing market. You also need a label partner who understands the requirements and protocols for cannabis and cannabidiol products their labels. We use HP Ingido printing capabilities to provide our cannabis clients with the best…

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Epson Inkjet vs Thermal Transfer Label Printing

The ColorWorks Epson line of inkjet label printers is gaining in popularity.  At first, I was skeptical, but today, these are my printers of choice for most label printing applications.  There are many positives discussed in the video below, but like anything else, there are two sides to every story. Is inkjet the end all…

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HP Indigo Printing Adds Unbelievable Color to Printing

HP Digital Presses deliver high-quality prints with the widest color capabilities and substrate versatility. They use unique digital printing technologies and supreme color and ink coverage capabilities. HP Indigo printing routinely matches and, at times, exceeds the quality of traditional offset printing.   Are you wondering if your company should use it? Beneifts Of HP…

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Epson Colorworks C6000 Series Inkjet Label Printer

Looking for a better way to manage your warehouse and shipping department?  Let color help!  Did you know that when you use color in a sea of black and white labels, your products stand out and it is much easier to pick and pack.  Watch this video below and you will realize that color makes…

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Label Terms You May Not Know

Label Terms

Are you on top of your label terms and lingo? We try really hard not to throw too much jargon around and confuse our customers. We talk a lot about thermal transfer labels, adhesives, floodcoat, and more. But what about some of the more miscellaneous label terms? We use these every day, but we realize…

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Why You Should Use Flood-Coated Labels

Flood-Coated Labels

Flood-coated labels are extremely vibrant and provide the best type of color labels on the market today. You can find them in a vast variety of colors and hues for any company brand or use. The flood-coated labeling trend is growing in popularity among companies that want to stand out from the competition. The reason…

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Labels for Clamshell Packaging

So many options for labels for clamshell packaging. Clamshell packaging is used in a wide variety of applications. From fresh produce and bakery goods to deli meats and cheeses. Transparent plastic is a popular choice because it allows consumers to see the food before buying it. Clamshells come in many sizes and the hinged lid…

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Are You Creating Your Labels Properly?

Creating Your Labels

If you are a small business owner or a large manufacturer, problems with creating your labels properly can be huge headaches. Labels are often an afterthought while a huge amount of effort is being put into creating the product. However, in order to package it, distribute it and ultimately sell it – you will need…

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