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Bar code labeling printers are used by any company that needs to print variable data labels, also known as on-demand label printing. There are three types of label printers, thermal transfer (or direct thermal), laser, and inkjet. Each is used for specific applications as we describe below.  Your specific needs might include: product ID, tracking products, tagging products and other assets or managing inventory.  You may even have specific needs like flexible packaging or cryogenic applications.  With all these situations comes a variety of printers that may suit your needs.


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Inkjet Label Printers

Inkjet label printers are used when on-demand color label printing is a requirement. These printers are the only true technology that can print a label with color.

More Info zebra thermal label printer

Thermal Transfer Label Printers

A thermal transfer label printer is the most versatile printer on the market, with its ability to print on a wide range of label stocks.

More Info Zebra IQ Color Direct Thermal Labels

Direct Thermal Label Printers

A direct thermal label printer is used when you need to print short term variable data on your products. These printers are smaller in size and designed for mobile uses such as utility belt, desktop and countertop applications.

More Info Zebra IQ Color Direct Thermal Labels

Laser Printers

A laser printer is used when you have a label/form combination also called an integrated label form or when wide labels with a color requirement are needed. Label stock in limited due to the high heat used when printing labels.

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