Afinia Label L501 Inkjet Printer

Introducing the New Afinia Label L501 Inkjet Printer!

3/31 through 4/6

Introducing the New Afinia Label L501 Inkjet Printer! — A Best In Class, Versatile Industrial Color PrinterAfiniaLabel L501 Inkjet Printer 

…an Industrial Color Label Printer Ideal for both pigment and dye-based printing.

Afinia has engineered one of the most versatile, mid-range color printers available on the market today.  The L501 Industrial Color Label Printer has Duo-Ink technology; designed to print with both pigment and dye inks. This enables quick transition from printing vibrant and colorful prime labels using dye-based inks, to ultra-durable pigment-based label applications with a simple printhead swap.

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The durability of pigment and the vibrancy of dye inks in the same printer, makes this a highly productive piece of equipment that can produce all your labeling needs on one machine.

The L501’s ink interchangeability provides a level of versatility no other single printer in its class can offer.

Key Features in the Afinia Label L501 Inkjet Printer include:

  • Ability to print vibrant and colorful prime labels with dye-based inks
  • Use pigment inks for exceptional water, abrasion, and UV resistance
  • Reduce and/or eliminate dependence upon outsourced and sheet-fed labels
  • Change label designs and label content rapidly and easily
  • On-Demand printing minimizes waste
  • Best for short- to mid-sized print runs
  • User-friendly front panel touchscreen enables quick setup and adjustment
  • Accommodates a wide range of label stock
  • Using HP print technology ensures vivid, high-resolution images and color clarity

If you need a printer that’s a bit more robust, check out the Afinia Label L801.

Afinia Label L501 Inkjet Printer brochure

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