Outdoor Variable Imaged Label

Adding Color To Outdoor Labels

Did you ever want to add color to your outdoor product labels but could not find a good solution? We created a fade-resistant ink that lasts up to 15 years. You can even print your variable data on it.

Problem: Adding Color to Outdoor Labels

A multi-national company that manufactures outdoor electrical products needed to add color to their existing product line.  The main reason was to make the installation of these products easier and more efficient for their installers.

By using color, the installers could better manage their inventory and know which products to use during the complicated install process.  They also wanted to use color labels to create a private brand for their customer’s products.  They wanted a label that is manufactured with color that would give them the ability to then run it through a thermal transfer printer to print variable data on demand.

The only problem was that all color inks fade in two to three years.  A solution did not exist.  I was the eighth label company they interviewed and was put to the task of solving this problem.

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Solution: Develop an Ink That Lasts Up to 15 Years Outside

After eighteen months of painstaking testing, we came up with a solution that met their needs and has opened doors to other applications.  We have developed a flexographic ink that is UL approved and can be used on the press.  Currently, there are 5 spot colors that last up to fifteen years that do not fade.  The customer was thrilled that we took the time, listened to their problem, and was able to get their problem solved.

New Development: 4-Color Process Coming in 2021

We are currently working on a four-color process solution that should be ready in the 1st quarter of 2021.  A company will be able to choose the four-color process solution if one of the spot colors does not match their application or company color scheme.  This will open up the door for any PMS color to match your application needs.

If you have a label application that could use fade-resistant ink, please give Dana a call at 888.972.5235 or send me an Email.  I will be happy to answer any questions.  We also can provide samples of the work we have done on this exciting new product.


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